Suspect posing as delivery man shot woman with concealed crossbow, police say

Peel Regional Police displayed the crossbow used in a near-fatal attack on a Mississauga woman

Peel Regional Police displayed the crossbow used in a near-fatal attack on a Mississauga woman

In black-and-white home surveillance footage, a man is seen carrying a large cardboard box on the victim's front porch.

The would-be assassin struck on November 7, 2018, but police are only just now releasing the video of the suspect.

The woman and the suspect had a brief conversation before the man removed the crossbow from the box and allegedly shot the woman with an arrow.

A crossbow like this one was used by a suspect hitman posing as a delivery man in Canada.

"The suspect is believed to have fled on foot to a dark-coloured pickup truck that was nearby", Ramore said.

Cops were called to the 44-year-old victim's home in Mississauga around 8 p.m. on November 7.

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"The injury she sustained was absolutely devastating".

"It involved damage to a lot of her internal organs", Kettles added. "She'll be in the recovery phase for the rest of her life".

"Investigators believe that this was a premeditated, targeted and isolated attack based on the conversation that occurred between the victim and the suspect". Comments made to the victim at her door also indicate the attack was targeted, Division Superintendent Heather Ramore said during a news conference Monday.

Sgt. Jim Kettles said during a media availability.

"There are potential motives that we have established". "I can't speak to those at this point in time".

It's possible the suspect carried out the attack at the request of someone else, Ramore said. A police spokeswoman said it wasn't clear whether he wore coverall-type clothes that investigators wear at crime scenes to prevent evidence contamination.

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After months of investigating, cops are now appealing for information from the public.

"I would encourage people just to pay particular attention to all of these pieces in the photo".

In the surveillance video, the suspect's face is not covered, but the person is wearing a hat and possibly another head cover, as well as a glove.

"There is no degree of licensing".

"Anybody over the age of 18 can purchase one of these weapons at any sporting-goods store that happen to carry them", Det.

Police said the woman, 44, was home alone but managed to call for help, being rushed to hospital to be treated for life-threatening injuries, according to CNN.

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