Google has already started Pixel system updates through Google Play Store

Android smartphones are at greater risk of malware than iPhones

Android smartphones are at greater risk of malware than iPhones

Like its iOS rival, updates to the Android operating system have been carried out through the Settings application since its commercial release in 2008.

Although rohanbathla007 couldn't confirm a change in the build number of their Android Q beta, the user described the process as a full-fledged update to the operating system done within the Play Store.

Google today announced that it will be taking more time (more days) to review apps by developers that don't yet have a good track record on Play Store.

Google will attempt to make life less painful for Android developers after last year's crackdown on SMS and Call Log permissions.

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Even though Tasker's situation was somewhat unique, Google noticed three common themes with developers' complaints.

The Permission Declaration form was unclear and hard to complete correctly.

Some felt it took too long to get answers on whether an app met policy requirements.

Some felt that decisions were automated, while others felt it was hard to reach a person who could give details about policy requirements.

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"The iOS versions were available outside the app store, through phishing sites, and abused the Apple Developer Enterprise programme".

Emails sent for policy rejections and appeals will now be more detailed and explanatory, touching upon why a decision was made, how the app can be modified to comply, and how the decision could be appealed.

Decisions appeared to be automated, and it was hard to "reach a human at Google" who could provide policy details and appreciate new use cases proposed by developers.

Evaluations and appeals. We will include appeal instructions in all enforcement emails and the appeal form with details can also be found in our Help Center. It's also unclear whether the process will extend to non-Google hardware.

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Google will improve its communication with more personalized responses and will expand its team to accelerate the appeals process. We'll see how well developers embrace these changes in due time.

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