Trump offers Boeing some advice: Choose a new name for 737 Max

American Airlines extends Boeing 737 Max cancellations through August

American Airlines extends Boeing 737 Max flight cancellations

American has 24 MAX jets and had previously planned to cancel MAX flights through early June.

American operates an average of 85 flights per day on the Max 8 out of 6,700 departures throughout its system.

Senior officials at American Airlines said they were "confident" that the Boeing upgrade would be approved by USA aviation regulators before 19 August, despite its decision to ground its fleet of 24 planes until then.

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American Airlines announced Sunday it would scrap some 115 flights per day in the coming months because its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX planes is being grounded until August 19.

Boeing and the USA government share a close business relationship, with Washington Post reporting that since the first World War "the company and the country have relied upon one another, together creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, outfitting the United States with top military aircraft and supplying planes worldwide to allow the growth of passenger air travel and to boost us exports".

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration grounded the 737 Max on March 13, three days after the second fatal crash involving the jet in five months. We're going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the 737 MAX 8 and the 737 MAX 9 and planes associated with that line.

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"To rebrand without making sure the product is safe and undergoing another crash with the same airplane under a new name and image could destroy Boeing", said Paul Caiozzo, founder and Chief Creative Officer of brand design agency Interesting Development. In the previous weeks, Boeing pilots have flown 96 test flights, totalling 160 hours with the new software and will operate more flights in the coming weeks to prove that the software fix works.

A software upgrade for an anti-stall system is being developed at the Chicago-based Boeing company.

The FAA initially said Boeing would complete the software fix "no later than April". They will discuss the progress of the FAA's review on the 737 MAX. "We didn't have to make this decision today", Trump said during the announcement March 13.

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