Dog rescued 220km from Thai coast by rig workers

Oil rig workers who rescued the stranded dog

Enlarge Image Oil rig workers who rescued the stranded dog. ViralPress

On Friday, a team of oil rig workers rescued a dog clinging to dear life on an oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand, about 137 miles from shore.

Offshore drillers called out to the exhausted mutt and she swam towards them, taking refuge among the rusty metal bars of the rig.

Payalaw wrote that the dog did not make a noise while he cling to the pole and that the workers raced to tie a rope around his neck so he wouldn't be swept away by waves, according to the Bangkok Post.

As a parting gift, the workers gave the dog the name Boonrod, which "the dog rescued by merit", reports ABC News.

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A dog has been rescued after being found swimming in the Gulf of Thailand - 135 miles from shore.

Workers spotted the animal's head poking up above water as the dog paddled through the ocean towards the platform. Oil rig worker Khon Vitisak saved the dog and a cage was built to lift her on to a passing boat.

"We just saw her small head but if the ripples were bigger, I think we probably wouldn't have noticed her at all".

'After she made it onto the bars below the rig she didn't cry or bark at all. He looked "exhausted" but the workers gave him water and fed him some mineral supplements, Payalaw wrote.

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He thanked everyone involved in the rescue operation, and said Boonrod would be taken to an animal clinic in Songkhla for further care. She started sitting up and walking normally'.

He was nursed back to health on the rig while staff radioed for help, requesting the assistance of a tanker that was heading back to shore.

The dog was said to have been in good spirits when he arrived on land to be taken to the vet.

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