Luxury high-rise condos are guzzling electricity

Luxury high-rise condos are guzzling electricity, BC Hydro report

New, luxury high-rises use double the amount of electricity as those from the 1980s: BC Hydro

"Also more luxury amenities so things like a pool and a hot tub, sometimes even a bowling alley and movie theatre".

"A new BC Hydro report titled "High-powered highrise: The energy footprint disconnect of B.C.'s high-end condo dwellers" found that while condo living means smaller homes that use less power than detached single-family homes, this does not necessarily represent the total energy footprint of living in a high-rise condo building", said a news release.

That's according to a BC Hydro report release today (Friday). That would bring the average bill to more tha $100 a month - nearly as much as a single-family home, Fish notes.

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New data says between 1999 and 2009, the average high-rise power consumption increased 65 per cent and the amount of electricity used in condos has almost doubled since the 1980s.

The data also shows that the average building with five storeys or more built in 2010 uses just over 1 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year, which is more than four times the 235,000 kilowatt hours used by low-rise dwellings built in the 1980s.

BC Hydro says with high housing prices, British Columbians are choosing to purchase condos over townhomes or single-family detached homes, with a 22 per cent increase in apartment or condo hydro accounts since 2011.

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About 50 per cent of a newer high-rise's totaly electricity use goes toward powering these amenities and common spaces, she adds.

Since 2011, BC Hydro saw a 22 per cent uptick in the number of accounts tied to condos and apartments, which now make up nearly a quarter of the utility's 470,000 residential customers.

To mitigate power usage, BC Hydro recommends making changes like lighting upgrades, adding occupancy sensors, and using automated controls for HVAC systems.

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