Northern Lights set to be visible over Ireland this weekend

Northern Lights in Britain

STUNNING The Northern Lights are set to be visible from the UK tomorrow

The Northern Lights may also be slightly visible Sunday night, but the power grid energy will begin to fade by this time.

Clearing skies and a moderate geomagnetic storm means MI may have a look at the Northern Lights this weekend.

The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere.

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While the weather could spoil the show, Bonnie did say much of Scotland will have a clear view of the natural spectacle.

The spokesperson added the chance of seeing the Northern lights from north England is roughly 20 per cent but 50-60 per cent further north in Scotland. Also - you'll want to head outside the city as far as possible, in order to get away from the light pollution. The chances of observing the Northern Lights diminish as you head south because lights from Indianapolis make it more hard to see.

They are known as "Aurora borealis" in the north and "Aurora Australis" in the south.

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In the UK, The Met Office's Space account tweeted: "CME forecast to arrive late 23rd March following C5 flare from sunspot AR2736".

You don't need any fancy equipment to see the glorious display. With this particular geomagnetic storm expected to be "Moderate" in strength, the likelihood of any significant and potentially harmful impacts is low.

"There's a couple of showers on the west coast of Scotland on Saturday evening, and with those showers there will be a bit of cloud". Visibility can partly come down to chance-it's easier to see the aurora during a new moon, as the shine of a full moon can render the aurora invisible.

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The aurora is likely to extend through the state of MI and Wisconsin into northern IL.

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