Proposed bill would require MO residents to own an AR-15

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Missouri lawmaker introduces bill that would require residents to own AR-15 semi-automatic rifles

Two days before introducing HB 1108, he introduced House Bill 1052, which creates the "McDaniel Second Amendment Act".

A proposed bill introduced by Missouri Representative Andrew McDaniel would require all Missouri state residents to own an AR-15 rifle. The other bill would require everyone who is 18 to 35 years old to have an AR-15.

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The bill defines an "AR-15" as "any semi-automatic rifle that is modeled on the AR-15 rifle design by AramLite, Inc".

A Missouri lawmaker wants every resident in the state to own an AR-15 starting in August. He says if anything moves forward, he would focus on tax credits and strip out the other elements. Instead, he introduced the legislation to "make a point on mandates in general".

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"I would never try to mandate anyone do anything against their will", he added. "Any person who qualifies as a resident on August 28, 2019, and who does not own an AR-15 shall have one year to purchase an AR-15", the bill states. And because of that, it's hard to quantify how just how many gun purchases would result from the bill's passage: According to state census data, Missouri holds about 1.5 million residents between the ages of 18 and 35, and about 4.5 million above the age of 21.

'From alcohol-fueled bar fights, to advancing legislation that would allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon anywhere from bars to daycares, to mandating gun ownership with a tax subsidy for gun manufacturers, the Missouri GOP rarely wastes an opportunity to embarrass themselves or our state, ' the Missouri Dems said in a written statement to the Washington Post.

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Under his proposal, there would also be a tax credit for individuals who purchase a firearm.

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