Google Removed 2.3 Billion Bad Ads In 2018

Google Ads’ Smart Segmentation Feature Can Identify Users Who are Most Likely to Buy

Google Removed 2.3 Billion Bad Ads Last Year

In total, the search giant took down 2.3 billion ads that violated its advertising policies past year.

Google introduced 31 ad policies in 2018 in response to new scams.

Google Ads’ Smart Segmentation Feature Can Identify Users Who are Most Likely to Buy
Google removed 2.3bn 'bad ads' in 2018 to tackle fraud and misinformation

Usually, the number of fraudulent ads (those that advertise fraudulent activity, spread malware or something similar) that Google blocks on a yearly basis rises, year-over-year. The company says it also removed ads from nearly 1.2 million pages previous year for misinformation and other low-quality content.

Google took down 2.3bn ads across its network past year, almost one billion fewer "bad ads" it had to remove in 2017. However, the ad giant said the number of advertiser accounts it terminated last year almost doubled from the previous year to almost one million. This resulted in the removing of ads off nearly 28 million pages that violated company policy.

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It banned bail bond ads effective July 2018 and restricted ads for addiction treatment services to those certified by LegitScript (after suspending them in 2017). Google says the decision was made due to evidence that these providers take advantage of vulnerable communities. The company says it has added up to 31 new policies a year ago that focus on preventing bad ads in areas like third-party tech support, ticket resellers (banning almost 207,000 ads for ticket resellers), and cryptocurrency. That's about double the number as a year ago, Scott Spencer, Google's director of sustainable ads, said in a blog post.

Google places ads in apps and on websites, and there, it took action to cut off publishers and developers' revenue.

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When it comes to fake news and the political sphere, Google shares that it had verified 143,000 election advertisements in the US, thanks to a it rolled out past year. It's launching a new policy manager tool next month to help advertisers create compliant adverts. The real challenge going forward, judging by Google's updated policies, is keeping up with the evolving ways of these malicious actors.

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