Facebook temporarily pulled Elizabeth Warren's ads calling to break up the platform

Sen. Elizabeth Warren announces her official bid for president on Feb. 9 2019 in Lawrence Massachusetts

Sen. Elizabeth Warren announces her official bid for president on Feb. 9 2019 in Lawrence Massachusetts

Facebook has also taken steps to improve transparency, for example, by making all ads run by political campaigns viewable in a public archive. However, the company has now chose to restore Elizabeth Warren's ads "in the interest of allowing robust debate".

According to Facebook, Warren's ad campaign violated Facebook's policy of using the social media giant's corporate logo.

The argument bears a striking resemblance to arguments made by Republican politicians regarding Facebook's ability to remove or censor content with which they disagree, a complaint on the right that is generally treated like a whiny conspiracy by the left. Elizabeth Warren (MA) on Friday calling for the breakup of tech giants, including Facebook, which has acquired Instagram and WhatsApp. Only after Reveal reached out to Facebook comms did the ads get restored.

Over a dozen other ads Warren placed about breaking up tech monopolies were not taken down.

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The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate accepted at least $90,000 from employees of the three top-tier tech companies between 2011 and 2018, including a $2,700 contribution from Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, Politico reported.

Unless they too are cut down to size, breaking up USA tech companies would only provide temporary breathing space before their Chinese counterparts rush in and take over.

You think I jest? Facebook declined to comment on how the ad with the logo was removed. They've bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field against everyone else. Thanks for restoring my posts.

The campaign also sent out a fundraising email off the development, with the subject line: "Facebook took down our ads".

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Former Facebook advertising manager Antonio Garcia Marquez explained on Twitter that the company's policy has its roots nearly a decade ago back when Facebook was plagued the kind of ads falsely claiming Facebook's endorsements: "Facebook's most popular game!" and "Facebook's official social search app!" were frequently seen on the site's sidebar.

If executives are busy answering lawmaker inquiries and defending regulator lawsuits, they're much less prone to be defending their companies from upstart challengers.

There are strict rules governing who can use Facebook's corporate logo.

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