USA to Germany: We’ll cut intelligence sharing over Chinese 5G help

US-German intel sharing at risk over Huawei spat | Article

Germany faces losing US intelligence if it uses Huawei equipment

Last week Germany said it would not ban Huawei from its forthcoming 5G networks despite pressure from the US. Beijing sees U.S. attacks on Chinese telecom giants as baseless scaremongering and a not-so-subtle way of undermining a competitor through political leverage and legal attacks.

On 11 March, the Wall Street Journal reported that the USA ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell, had warned German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier in a letter that the U.S. administration would limit intelligence data sharing with the German government if Huawei was allowed to participate in the development of German telecommunications infrastructure.

US Ambassador Richard Grenell issued the warning in a letter to German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier dated Friday, the Journal reported.

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While the U.S. Embassy said it could not comment on diplomatic communications, "the U.S. position on 5G network security is well known".

An unnamed State Department official told the paper that the U.S. won't cut Germany out of its intelligence sharing network altogether, but it wouldn't be able to share with the same transparency for fear of the information reaching China. Huawei denies these claims. In accordance with the law, the official said, any ban would require proof.

Zhengfei said he wouldn't harm his customers' interests, or his company's prospects.

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While some allies including NewZealand have succumbed to pressures from Washington, countries like Germany have refused to followed suit and has rolled out new conditions which must be met if the Chinese firm must take part in the 5G mobile network rollout. Instead, he said, the country plans to "change its laws to guarantee all components used in the 5G networks are secure", as Deutsche Welle reports.

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