Son’s tweet of ‘sad’ dad at new but empty doughnut shop sends community flocking for tasty treats

When Son Posts Photo of Sad Dad in His Empty New Donut Shop, the Tweet Attracts Hundreds of Customers

Son posts on Twitter to say nobody was coming to his dad's doughnut shop, internet reacts accordingly

That love was on full display this weekend in Missouri City, Texas, when a young man's single tweet may have saved his father's newly opened donut shop.

A boy in Texas is thanking his Twitter followers for boosting business at his family's donut shop after posting about his "sad dad" and gaining hundreds of thousands of supporters in return.

It didn't take long for By's photos to spread on social media, with others sharing the tweet in an effort to rally the community.

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Billy then snapped a photo of his sad dad behind the shop counter and posted it to Twitter along with the address in hopes that it would spur sympathetic followers to stop by for a snack.

"I live literally 5 min away".

"Take all ur friends".

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He shared pictures of the inside of the shop, and it looked pretty great, and his dad did look quite upset.

By Sunday afternoon, the shop had "completely sold out of donuts and kolaches", By tweeted, adding: "You are all incredible". Photos show people lining up and buying bags and boxes full of doughnuts and other candies.

"Just wanted to update y'all!"

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By's tweet amassed 275,000 retweets and 593,000 likes in short order and, as he announced less than 24 hours after the initial tweet, Billy's donuts had sold out of glazed and topped donuts, cinnamon rolls, and kolaches. "You are all incredible", By tweeted, along with a photo of his no-longer-sad father.

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