Now You Can Build a Nintendo Labo VR Headset

The Internet Reacts To Nintendo Labo: VR Kit

Nintendo’s First VR Product in 24 Years Is a $80 Cardboard Headset

It's a virtual reality set with cardboard.

Nintendo Labo is a series of do-it-yourself kits for the Nintendo Switch that combine a special Nintendo Switch software program with cardboard creations that adults or children can build, and then use to interact and play with the Nintendo Switch.

The Internet Reacts To Nintendo Labo: VR Kit
Now You Can Build a Nintendo Labo VR Headset

The main Labo VR Kit includes six different VR Toy-Con projects to build, including the Toy-Con VR Goggles, which are required to use all the other creations.

The Starter Kit contains just the VR goggles and the blaster project, as well as the Nintendo Labo software, a screen holder, and a safety cap.

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Back in February, there were some rumors flying around, suggesting that Nintendo should make an announcement related to VR.

For those who aren't interested in the full line of VR Labo accessories, Nintendo will also release a Starter Kit including the VR hardware and blaster Toy-Con at $39.99. Beyond "basic programming tools", Nintendo hasn't said how Toy-Con Garage will work with the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit yet.

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The new Labo VR Toy-Con set will come in a variety of packages.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit - Expansion Set 1**: Available at a suggested retail price of $19.99, Expansion Set 1 includes the Toy-Con Elephant and Toy-Con Camera.

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As you can see, the kit doesn't fix to the users head like other high-end products do - the pioneering Oculus Rift for example - so don't expect to be able to play AAA titles.

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