Apex Legends 1.03 patch notes

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Apex Legends' first patch brings Valentine's Day treats and plenty of bug fixes

There are new Valentine's-themed cosmetic items in the store, namely the "Through the Heart" Longbow Epic DMR skin - although we suspect that many will still be going for headshots, even on Valentine's Day - and the "Love of the Game" Pathfinder banner frame.

Various improvements and tweaks to UI.

The Kings Canyon map has also had a once-over to patch up any holes in the geometry that let players get stuck or fall through the environment.

You can look over the full patch notes for today's Apex Legends update below. For example, the 1.03 patch fixes an issue where friends are shown as offline and unable to party as well as an extended timeout error causing players with slower hard drives to crash.

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Context:As I reported earlier in February, "Apex Legends" is a potential "Fortnite" killer game that is available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Most service-based games received Valentine's Day content this week, so it's cool to see Apex Legends join the party.

There is good news though, as Respawn Entertainment have made clear that they are working tirelessly to improve the stability and performance of Apex Legends.

Addressed a number of client and server stability issues.

In terms of gear, the developer's have added a new arc star, which will warn players of grenades.

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Bloodhound has also received a light tap of the nerf stick, with the Eye of the Allfather ability being shortened in duration by one second. This will affect all players that already have been rewarded the skins as well. Especially considering this game is just a little over a week old, what Respawn continues to accomplish is truly impressive.

Consequently, the patch has now been removed from Apex Legends on Xbox One, while the developer gets to the root of the issue.

What are your thoughts on the Valentine's Days content so far? Tell us in the comments section!

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