Elizabeth Warren to make stop Sunday in Las Vegas

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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren will be back in South Carolinaon Saturday, a little more than three weeks after her last appearance on the Palmetto State's campaign trail.

"By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be president", Warren said at her first campaign event in Iowa, according to CNN.

Warren wondered if the candidates and press would undyingly focus on Trump's tweets and "dark and ugly" statements every day.

The answer to that question, Warren went on to say, was to avoid the trap of engaging in every one of Trump's actions."Here's how I see it: Donald Trump is not the only problem we've got".

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Create resources: It will seek to make federal data, computer models, and computing resources available to AI researchers. President Donald Trump will push AI with an executive order Monday, several outlets reported .

She came under heavy criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for falsely claiming Native American ancestry on several professional documents, including her application to Harvard Law School, which later claimed her as a "minority". Her remarks came amid continued scrutiny of the MA senator's past claims to Native ancestry.

The president was railing against letters he's received from congressional committees conducting investigations of his administration and business practices when he let loose on Warren, a favorite target of his. "In fact, he may not even be a free person", she said.

"You know, here's what bothers me".

Warren officially launched her campaign in MA on Saturday, where she issued a challenge to the super wealthy and called Trump "just the latest and most extreme symptom of what's gone wrong in America".

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Trump , in turn, has often supported and joked about violence against reporters and the media, going so far as to praise Rep. Greg Gianforte after he allegedly threw an American reporter to the ground in the final days of his bid for Congress.

But after Trump mocked her campaign effort, Warren began to get personal as well, pointing to the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian collusion by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. She's apologised for claiming Native American identity on multiple occasions early in her career.

Prodded by reporters to explain the remark a few hours later in Iowa City, Warren said she was simply noting the proliferation of probes into the president.

Trump has frequently taken digs at the senator by calling her Pocahontas, a reference to the native woman who lived in present-day Virginia in the 1600s and agreed to marry an English colonist to help ensure peace and protect her people.

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