Venezuela's Maduro launches large-scale war game amid crisis

Home Briefing Until We Accomplish the Goal   
      Briefing      Until We Accomplish the Goal
       By Naky Soto-        Febru

Home Briefing Until We Accomplish the Goal Briefing Until We Accomplish the Goal By Naky Soto- Febru

Venezuela's President is facing growing pressure, at home and overseas, to allow humanitarian aid into the country. Maduro still retains the crucial backing of the country's military top brass, who control the repressive apparatus created to protect the regime's authority and crush political dissidents by force. He did not say from where or whom they came.

Maduro is refusing to step down or call for a new election, accusing the US of orchestrating a coup attempt.

PDVSA's move follows tough new USA financial sanctions imposed on January 28 and aimed at blocking leftist President Nicolas Maduro's access to the country's oil revenue. He says he will not allow this "show".

Winter Storm Watch: more snow, freezing rain expected overnight
For the winter so far, 64.2 inches have fallen, about 7 inches more than normal, according to Weather Service records. Snowfall amounts of 25 to 30 centimeters and blowing snow are forecast for Tuesday , and into Wednesday .

Opposition National Assembly leader Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president, greets supporters after attending Mass at a church in Caracas, Venezuela, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019. "There are sanctions against corrupt officials and thieves", Guaido told RT Spanish in an exclusive interview, dismissing any notion that USA sanctions and years of economic and political pressure on Caracas might have contributed to the deteriorating socio-economic situation in Venezuela. The United States has since been joined by a majority of Western nations.

He has vowed not to let in "fake" aid from the United States requested by opposition leader, which is being stockpiled at the border with Colombia.

"It depends on you", he said to the military.

UK, Switzerland Sign Agreement on Post-Brexit Non-Tariff Trading
May has been seeking changes to the deal with Brussels since it was rejected by a record majority in parliament on January 15. The deal replicates current trading arrangements "as far as possible", the government said when it was first revealed.

Brazil has not yet commented on whether aid is being gathered at any point there.

Guaido countered that the regime was refusing to acknowledge a "crisis that they themselves generated", while Venezuelans were working to deal with the humanitarian emergency.

Meanwhile, Lester Toledo, coordinator of worldwide humanitarian aid for the opposition, told Reuters on Monday he received approval from the Netherlands to speak with the local governments of Aruba and Curacao about setting up an aid center there. "This a crime against humanity, men of the armed forces".

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