Cali. governor to pull National Guard troops from border

California Governor To Pull National Guard Troops From U.S.-Mexico Border: 'This Is Our Answer To The White House—No More Division'

California governor to draw down guard troops at border

"The border "emergency" is a manufactured crisis," Newsom said in prepared remarks.

In a rebuke to President Donald Trump, the governor of California on Monday was set to sign an order to pull most of the National Guard troops deployed on the Mexico border.

Former California Gov. Jerry Brown had agreed to deploy the National Guard troops last April under the condition that they "will not enforce immigration laws or participate in the construction of any new border barrier".

Instead of dedicating their time to border security, the governor plans to sign a general order to have troops redeployed to provide support on two initiatives: wildfire prevention efforts and operations to counter drugs and cartels in California, including surveillance at worldwide points of entry.

U.S. Military troops return from a test deployment with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents after conducting an exercise at the San Ysidro port of entry with Mexico in San Diego on January 10. A budget standoff between Trump and congressional Democrats over the proposal led to a 35-day government shutdown, the longest in US history.

Trump has until Friday to make a deal with Democrats to fund the government or parts will shut down again.

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Gavin Newsom will pull most of the National Guard troops from the border with Mexico, according to multiple reports.

Last week, New Mexico's governor made a similar decision.

Democratic state legislators and civil rights groups applauded Newsom's order.

California has repeatedly styled itself as the flagship resistance state to the Trump administration's policies.

"The only way to beat a bully is to push him back and let him fall", he said.

"We're still listening, we're still talking, but we're not leading the negotiations", he said. "We're the fifth-largest economy in the world".

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"We are living in a state and in a nation where people that are here without documentation commit crimes at a substantially lower level than native-born citizens".

The move was a rebuke to President Donald Trump, who won election in 2016 partly on a populist pledge to build a wall on the southern US border which he said in his campaign Mexico would pay for. Jerry Brown, agreed to do previous year. Unlike the current deployment, which is funded by the federal government, the state will need to foot the bill for this new mission. At least five governors recalled troops or withheld resources. "Which is why I have given the National Guard a new mission".

Trump's demand for $5.7 billion to help build that wall was central to a 35-day partial USA government shutdown that ended last month.

The Pentagon announced plans last week to send 3,750 troops to the border to install concertina wire and help Customs and Border Protection agents.

Thousands of families have since been released into the San Diego area with nowhere to go, forcing nonprofits in the region to step up and offer temporary shelter.

The Times quoted excerpts from Newsom's State of the State address, which he will give on Tuesday, to illustrate Newsom's hostility to President Trump.

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According to CBS News, the Democratic governor plans to keep about 100 of the 360 troops now deployed at the border, but not for immigration purposes. 110 members are expected to work with the California Department of Forestry and Fire; 100 members will be transferred to intelligence operations against drug cartels.

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