Roger Stone Insists He Is No Kardashian In Counterattack Against Gag Order

Chip Somodevilla  Getty Images North America

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images North America

Roger Stone is trying a new tactic in arguing against a federal judge who may restrict what he says in public: He's claiming he's not much of a celebrity.

"An example of how limited and narrow his public presence is, is that Kim Kardashian has 59.5 million followers on Twitter", Stone's court filing said. They also downplay his fame, citing as evidence that his Instagram following is only a fraction of celebrity Kim Kardashian West's. The lobbyist pleaded not guilty and vowed to "tell the truth" throughout the process. But Stone's attorneys say such an order would infringe on Stone's First Amendment right to free speech.

Having addressed Twitter, Stone then moved on to Instagram.

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The final part of the clip shows Stone's clothing: cut-off shorts, no shoes, and a t-shirt that read "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong".

In the filing Friday, Stone's attorneys write that his comments don't merit a "clear and present danger to a fair trial".

Jackson was assigned Stone's case because of its relation to the hacking case in which she also presides. One agent swings his firearm around as he scans and surveys Stone's front porch. USA intelligence officials claim the emails were stolen during Russian cyber-attacks on Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers.

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Stone accuses the prosecutors of "shopping for a preferred district judge".

It is unclear when the judge will rule. Stone faces no charges in connection with the hack - though he was mentioned anonymously in their indictment as communicating with the Russians.

In filing later Friday, prosecutors said they wouldn't oppose Jackson issuing a "narrowly-tailored" gag order that seeks to keep Stone from using media coverage to his advantage in the court case. The case is against Roger Jason Stone Jr.

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At the time, CNN said that there exclusive was the result of "good instincts, some key clues, more than a year of observing comings at the DC federal courthouse and the special counsel's office - and a little luck on the timing".

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