Candace Owens: The Problem With Hitler Was Globalism

MAGA mascot Candace Owens is getting dragged to hell for defending Hitler

MAGA mascot Candace Owens is getting dragged to hell for defending

The conservative group Turning Point USA's director of communications is understandably getting a lot of backlash after her controversial statement.

Owens shared the tweet and responded that Clinton said nothing about revelations that Ralph Northam, a Democrat and governor of Virginia, continues to deal with a scandal that erupted after a photo surfaced from his medical yearbook of one person in blackface and a person next to them wearing Ku Klux Klan robes.

"I actually don't have any problems at all with the word 'nationalism, '" Owens said.

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Hey @RealCandaceO, Hitler blamed Germany's lack of national greatness on the Jews and proceeded to MURDER 6 MILLION OF US along with 5 million other marginalized people. Globalism's what I do not want... The trouble was, Owens said, that Hitler tried to expand past Germany and conquer other countries.

From there, she spoke on Hitler, saying "He was a national socialist". The problem was that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted everyone to be German, everyone to be speaking German, everybody to look a different way. "Hitler wasn't a 'globalist" but a genocidal dictator". In thinking about how we could go bad down the line, I don't really have an issue with nationalism. I really don't. I think that it's okay. In it she says that what she meant was "that people wrongly conflate the word nationalism to mean Hitler", before adding that in her purview, Hitler was not a nationalist but rather a "homicidal, psychotic maniac who was bent on world domination". "It's globalism that I try to avoid".

Owens runs a conservative YouTube site called Red Pill Black.

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Owens first gained notoriety for her YouTube channel, "RedPillBlack" and a video that went viral titled "How to Escape the Democrat Plantation (an easy guide)".

Owens argued that, while racism does exist, it only rarely influences most people - she compared its frequency to lightning striking.

Reached for comment, Boulder County GOP Chairwoman Peg Cage said "Candace is pretty bold and she's her own person", but declined to comment on Owens' specific statement without having reviewed the video and news reports first.

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