Anthem's post-launch updates will bring cataclysmic events and new areas

Early Anthem Roadmap Outlined First Event Happens in March and Here’s What’s in It

Early Anthem Roadmap Outlined First Event Happens in March and Here’s What’s in It

On Twitter, Anthem Lead Producer Ben Irving revealed details on the post-launch content release schedule for Anthem, which will include the continuation of Anthem's story, the addition of guilds and leaderboards, an expanded progression system, new missions, events, and difficulty settings, and more.

With the amount of hype, resources and development invested within Anthem, Bioware and EA need to make certain that this Big Mech with Cheese combo special is satisfying enough to keep players around not just for days, but months.

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"They're created to be more seasonal", executive producer Mark Darrah said to GamesRadar of the event. A full breakdown is available on the official Anthem Endgame site.

Continuing the series, this gameplay video showcases your first story in Anthem, along with javelin personalization and a look at the expanding world of Anthem and its endgame content.

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Once you reach Anthem's endgame content, you can grab new gear in a variety of ways - all as challenging as they are rewarding. Anthem has six total difficulty settings, three of which are unlocked upon hitting level 30. Finally, the third update will introduce Anthem's first Cataclysm, a type of time-limited world event said to be partly inspired by Fortnite's long-game seasonal narratives. At this point, players will be able to take part in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, and unlock "Anthem's" Grand master, Grand Master 2, and Grand Master 3 difficulty tiers. Crafting blueprints will also enable you to obtain other gear and personalisation items, with said blueprints, crafting materials and coin earned for completing endgame objectives. Legendary contracts are larger, multi-part missions with bigger rewards. Improving your reputation with different groups will give you access to crafting blueprints. It's rather vague, but you can see these in the images embedded above.

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