Amazon may drop plan for New York HQ after local opposition

New York Is Having Second Thoughts About Amazon’s Second Headquarters

Amazon rethinks plan for New York HQ amid fierce opposition, report says

The Washington Post, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, reported that Amazon executives have had internal discussions to reassess the situation in ny and explore alternatives, citing two people familiar with the matter.

Nearly immediately after Seattle-based Amazon announced past year that it chose Long Island City as one of two sites to build new corporate offices, a backlash emerged from lawmakers and community organizers in the Empire State.

The source noted that Amazon was still working toward winning approval from NY officials and has not yet given up completely on NY as the location of their headquarters, which plans to create 25,000 Amazon jobs. Apparently as a result, the local government has appointed opponents to the deal to positions where they have the power to end it. A third city, Nashville, won an Amazon operations hub with 5,000 workers.

In November 2018, Amazon selected Queens and Arlington, Virginia, as the two sites for its second headquarters.

Though, unlike in Virginia, where elected officials passed the state's incentive package fairly quickly, approval from NY is not expected until 2020. They used to be a major (massive) employer in one upstate city until the company started outsourcing all their jobs to India and South America.

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"The company has not leased or purchased office space for the project, making it easy to withdraw its commitment", the Post continued.

"We need Amazon", the governor said.

The Washington Post, it should be added, is owned by Jeff Bezos, who is the founder, chairman, CEO, and president of Amazon. This likely means that the newspaper has some access to Amazon executives.

A spokesman for De Blasio said, "The mayor fully expects Amazon to deliver on its promise to New Yorkers".

Amazon spokeswoman Jodi Seth told the Washington Post: "We're focused on engaging with our new neighbors - small business owners, educators, and community leaders".

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All of this has Amazon wondering if picking NY was the right thing to do. But it's not for nothing that Amazon wants to be in NY.

One supporter of the deal Van Bramer spoke to "seemed genuinely anxious, and that led me to believe that it was real", he said.

In one sign of opposition, artists spray-painted Amazon's logo - spelled "AMAZNO" - on streets near the proposed site. It also ignited a frenzy over real estate in both cities. "You're not there to play politics, you're there to do what's right for the people of the State of NY and what they did here is wrong". If I had to guess, the effort to keep the location a secret impeded any attempt to reach out to residents and local businesses in advance. One is that there may not be a benefit in too much secrecy if that means dropping a surprise on a community that's not prepared for it. We have 0% income tax & lower property taxes in @CityBocaRaton, so you can come to #Boca for a lot less cost, stress & cold. The company also said that it will "separately apply for as-of-right incentives including New York City's Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program (ICAP) and New York City's Relocation and Employment Assistance Program (REAP)".

Even if the deal falls through with NY, the deal with Virginia would still stand. "There is no (other) business that brings 25,000 jobs". "I think most of the neighborhood hasn't wanted them here".

After receiving the bad news, Emanuel acknowledged that subsidies were at least a part of the reason why Chicago lost the Amazon sweepstakes.

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