Measles Outbreak Got Traction Due To Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Anti-vaxx mom asks how to protect her son from measles outbreak. The internet delivered

Anti-vaxx mom asks how to protect her son from measles outbreak. The internet

East Wenatchee, WA - Although Chelan and Douglas Counties do not now have a confirmed case of measles, public health officials are working closely with school districts and healthcare providers throughout Chelan and Douglas County to ensure students and staff are up-to-date on their vaccines. One to three cases out of every 1,000 are fatal, he said. Doctors say the disease spreads so quickly because it can linger for hours after an infected person has left the room. Most of the patients are children under 10, and one child has been hospitalized.

Director of Whitman County Public Health Troy Henderson said there are no known or suspected cases on the east side of the state.

The measles outbreak in Washington state is spreading, and now there are at least nine states with cases.

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The two-dose vaccine against measles was introduced in 1978 in the USA, and by 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared it 'eliminated'. Thirty-four were not immunised against the disease. Vaccination is a fool-proof method to curb the spread of measles.

Dr. Messonnier contends that there are no other alternatives to vaccination and that best way to stop this outbreak in its tracks is to make sure that everybody gets vaccinated.

One anti-vaxx mom's post went viral after she asked members of the private Facebook group "Vaccine Education Network: Natural Health Anti-Vaxx Community " how to protect her child from measles. For more information on the current measles outbreak, please visit Washington State 2019 Measles Outbreak. The first known patient sought medical care on December 31, but it isn't known if other people may have gotten sick before that and did not seek treatment.

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Measles is highly contagious, so we lose herd immunity when about 5 percent of the population is unvaccinated.

Jocelyn Smith is terrified her youngest son, who is 11 months, will get measles. You may be told to stay home until you're no longer contagious.

Early symptoms include a fever, runny nose and malaise, followed by a red rash that starts around the head and moves down the body.

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