Doctor loses license after suggesting weed cookies to control kid's tantrums

Workers harvesting cannabis in California

Workers harvesting cannabis in California

A physician in California is battling for his license after he prescribed marijuana infused cookies to a four-year-old child.

William Eidelman suggested the pot-laced candies in 2012 after diagnosing his patient as suffering from bipolar and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder after a single 30-minute meeting with the boy and his father, according to the California Medical Board. The board did not look to revoke the license because the physician had prescribed ganja to a child, which for medicinal purposes is legal in the state of California. Though Eidelman reported that the boy was agitated and nervous during the appointment, the board said the observations didn't justify the diagnosis.

The penalties against Eidelman stem from his treatment of a boy who was misbehaving in school and brought to the doctor's office by his father in September 2012, according to the medical board report.

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Initially, L.T. served the boy a morning cookie with "small amounts of the cannabis", but then he tried to increase the dosage by adding an additional amount in T.T.'s lunch. It was discovered when the school nurse was asked to give the boy his marijuana cookies at lunchtime. In fact, nothing in the Eidelman's clinical notes fit the diagnostic criteria for either condition, the board found.

"Although he did not outright suggest a diagnosis ... he all but made one up out of whole cloth", the board's decision said.

Eidelman's practice largely centers around granting patients access to medical marijuana, the Times noted.

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He said marijuana had had a "positive effect" on both his children.

Eidelman, who disagrees with the findings, told CBS Los Angeles (see the video above) that he has obtained a stay against the order and that his license remains active. Board spokesperson Carlos Villatoro also said they received no court order that Eidelman's revocation was stayed, as per Los Angeles Times.

The revocation of Dr. William Eidelman's license was ordered by the Medical Board of California, effective January 5, 2019. Practicing without a license can be punished with up to a year of jail under California law.

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