USA intelligence: North Korea won't give up nukes

U.S. intelligence: North Korea won't give up nukes

U.S. spy chiefs contradict Trump on what threatens U.S.

During a hearing on global threats on Tuesday, the leaders of several U.S. intelligence agencies told the Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran is not taking steps towards making a nuclear bomb, a conclusion that contrasts starkly with Trump's assessment.

All of Iran's nuclear research since a year ago, Coats continued, has been carried out within the limits of the deal, despite the regime's buildup of its conventional military capabilities. "They are wrong!" Mr Trump said during a string of morning tweets. The Republican president cited Iranian rocket launches and said that Tehran was "coming very close to the edge".

Emerging threats will come from "deep-fakes, artificial intelligence, and a 5G enabled Internet of Things with billions of internet-connected consumer devices", said Sen.

Their first summit previous year ended with a vague agreement that contained few concrete goals and deadlines. He's also stressed that the Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was one of the worst deals ever made, and that Iran was in violation of the agreement.

Coats also contradicted the Trump administration's assessment of nuclear activity in Iran, but did agree that it is involved in sponsoring terrorism in Europe and the Middle East.

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Leaders of the United States intelligence community told a Senate committee on January 29 that the Persian Gulf nation is "not now undertaking the key nuclear weapons-development activities", which Trump claimed is false.

And they underscored again that Russian Federation meddled deeply on Trump's behalf in the 2016 presidential election - which he has repeatedly denied - and can be expected to do the same in 2020. Most notable of his confrontations took place in Helsinki, where he sided with President Vladimir Putin against U.S. intelligence on Russian interference in the 2016 USpresidential elections. Trump then revoked Brennan's security clearance.

The gaps were not only evident on North Korea, but also on Iran's nuclear programme, the continuing threat of the Islamic State in Syria and on the importance of climate change.

The U.S. intelligence chiefs said Islamic State would continue to pursue attacks from Syria and Iraq against regional and Western adversaries, including the United States.

Coats said intelligence information does not support the idea that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will eliminate his nuclear weapons and the capacity for building more - a notion that is the basis of the US negotiating strategy.

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The "Worldwide Threat Assessment" report on which Coats based his testimony said USA intelligence continues to "observe activity inconsistent with" full nuclear disarmament by the North. Now a whole different story. Kim Jong-un committed to permanently shut down the missile engine test site and launch pad under the observation of worldwide experts. He said afterwards that the two sides had made "a lot of progress" on denuclearization.

On Tuesday the head of USA intelligence said that North Korea is "unlikely to give up" its nuclear weapons because its leadership sees them as "critical to regime survival".

Mr. Trump also boasted about the Islamic State terror group, also known as ISIS, being almost wiped out, compared to the previous administration.

Trump's decision to withdraw USA troops from Syria, against the advice of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, led Mattis to resign in protest.

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