Prince William turns interviewer as he quizzes Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough said our decisions today will impact the world for years to come

Markus Schreiber Sir David Attenborough said our decisions today will impact the world for years to come

He said the reason why there has been faltering action to tackle the problem by world leaders is because people living in cities are remote from the natural world. We can wreck it without even noticing we're doing it. "And if we wreck the natural world, in the end, we wreck ourselves", he said.

As the broadcaster began to explain that rising temperatures are one of the biggest dangers facing the planet today, he went on to highlight the difficulty in capturing the precise moment a glacier "calved" the large fragment of ice. "We have never been more powerful", Sir David said. "There have been people who have withdrawn from that", he said, referring to the likes of U.S. president Donald Trump. We can go everywhere.

The former air ambulance pilot met Mr Attenborough's praise of a helicopter pilot who helped achieve a camera shot for his new Netflix documentary series Our Planet, by remarking "all helicopter pilots are very skillful, David". The natural world, of which we are a part, is incredibly complex and it has connections all over the place.

"It's not just a question of beauty, or interest, or wonder - it's the essential part of human life is a healthy planet". "We are in danger of wrecking that".

"That fundamental, handsome fact is now being recognised".

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The Duke of Cambridge sat down to "turn the tables" in interview with wildlife legend Sir David Attenborough. We can wreck it without even noticing we're doing it.

British naturalist David Attenborough speaks after receiving a Crystal Award for his environmental work.

Sir David was speaking in Davos where business leaders, politicians and NGOs are meeting this week to discuss the next iteration of globalisation.

Sir David replied: "Because the connection between the natural world and the urban world, the society of human society has always, since the industrial revolution, has been remote and widening and we didn't realise the effects of what we were doing out there, but now we are seeing that nearly everything we do has its echoes and has its implications across the natural world".

In a 2016 BBC tribute programme honouring Sir David Attenborough's 90th birthday, Prince William referred to him as "national treasure" - so it was somewhat of a momentous occasion for the royal.

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Introducing Sir David, he said it was a "personal treat" to interview the broadcaster.

"I used to love, and I still do, but when I was a young boy, used to love turning on the television and watching David's programmes and really feeling like I was back out in Africa or I was learning about something magical and nearly out of this planet", Prince William said.

Are you a fan of David Attenborough? Aside from being knighted in 1985, he took part in an ITV documentary a year ago which looked at the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy project.

Sir David and the Queen, who were born just weeks apart, chuckled over a forlorn-looking tree in the Buckingham Palace grounds which the Queen suggested had been "sat on" at a garden party.

The Duke is patron of the Tusk conservation charity and has spoken numerous times about the impact of the ivory trade and wildlife trafficking.

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In 2016, he urged the United Kingdom government to push ahead with a total ban on the ivory trade in a bid to protect elephants.

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