Greenland ice melts four times faster in a decade

Greenland's ice melting faster than scientists previously thought – study

Greenland's Melting Ice Sheet Nears Tipping Point

Threat of rising seas submerging coastal regions and islands of the world is becoming more real and getting closer: after news of Antarctic ice melting six times faster than 40 years earlier, a new report finds that climate change is causing Greenland's massive ice sheets to melt four times faster than in 2003 - just 15 years ago. On the Central ice mass of Greenland in the country's interior in the summer due to higher temperatures initially superficial melting water lakes and ponds on the ice.

If all of Greenland's vast ice sheet was to melt, global sea levels would rise by seven metres.

But most of the ice loss from 2003 to 2013 was from Greenland's southwest region, which is largely devoid of large glaciers.

The imposing figure translates to roughly 0.03 inches of sea level rise per year.

From 2002 to 2016 Greenland lost 280 billion tons of ice a year, but these losses have been uneven: in 2003-2013, the melting has accelerated nearly four-fold, from 102 to 393 billion tons of ice per year.

"As far as rate of exchange of ice to oceans is concerned, both mechanisms are essential", said lead author Michael Bevis, a geophysicist at The Ohio State University.

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"Now we recognise a second serious problem: increasingly large amounts of ice mass are going to leave as meltwater, as rivers that flow into the sea", he said.

Antarctica is becoming an increasing concern, however, with ice vanishing at its fastest rate in recorded history.

"We're going to see faster and faster sea level rise for the foreseeable future", Bevis said.

"This is going to cause additional sea level rise".

Scientists have warned Greenland's ice is melting far faster than it was in 2004, and cities such as NY could be swamped.

"These oscillations have been happening forever", Bevis said.

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According to the study, the ice sheet in southwest Greenland melted by four times faster in 2012 than in 2003, Bevis added. Because it is superimposed on more steady and progressive global warming of the atmosphere.

Cities like NY and Miami will bear the brunt of the damage but island nations will be particularly vulnerable to the damage.

The warming of Greenland, the accelerating loss of sea ice near Greenland, and the accelerating loss of ice mass in Greenland will certainly prove very damaging to its existing ecosystems. The freshwater in the salty Atlantic ocean, has found out also an influence on the climate in Europe, researchers have.

Now, a new study shows how much global warming is pounding another area: Greenland.

A natural weather phenomenon called the North Atlantic Oscillation - which brings warmer air, clearer skies and more solar radiation to west Greenland - was building on man-made climate change to cause unprecedented levels of melting, said Bevis. The warming of the Earth's atmosphere is leading to the faster rise in sea level.

"The continent of Antarctica has been losing about 118 gigatons of ice per year since 2002, while the Greenland ice sheet has been losing an estimated 281 gigatons per year". Sometimes more than 3000 feet thick, cover a significant portion of the largest island in the world. Thus, over the 20th century, the sea level rose by 14 centimeters, which is directly related to global warming, without which this figure would be at least two times lower.

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