Ocean temperatures are rising far faster than previously thought, report says

Ocean Temps Rising Faster Than Scientists Thought: Report

Oceans warming faster than expected, marine life at risk: Scientists

Scientists warn these temperatures are driving sea levels and helping to fuel more intense hurricanes and other extreme weather.

A year ago is expected to be the hottest for the oceans on record - explaining the wild fires, severe storms, record breaking rains and droughts that swept the world.

A U.S. government report in November delivered a similar dire warning that the country could lose hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives by the end of the century due to climate change.

Though a warmer ocean might make for a more pleasant swim, it carries deadly consequences. He states that ocean heating is an important indicator of climate change, noting that there is "robust evidence" that oceans are warming more rapidly than previously believed. In the past 150 years, the world's oceans would be the equivalent of about a thousand times the amount of the annual world energy consumption of heat is absorbed, so the result of the beginning of January, in the journal "PNAS" calculation.

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A key factor in the more accurate numbers is an ocean monitoring fleet called Argo, which includes almost 4,000 floating robots that "drift throughout the world's oceans, every few days diving to a depth of 2,000 meters (yards) and measuring the ocean's temperature, pH, salinity and other bits of information as they rise back up", said the report. According to the study, sea levels could rise by 30cm by the year 2100.

And if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gases, "models predict that the temperature of the top 2,000 metres of the world's oceans will rise 0.78 degrees Celsius by the end of the century", it said. If no actions are taken ("business as usual"), the upper ocean above 2000 meters will warm by 2020 ZetaJoules by 2081-2100, which is about 6 times larger than the total ocean warming during the past 60 years.

About 93% of the greenhouse gasses humans emit are trapped by the oceans, which serve as a vital buffer as carbon emissions continue to climb despite warnings that we're causing irreversible destruction to the planet.

The latest analysis published in Science shows trends add to a growing body of evidence that ocean warming is accelerating.

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However, on Thursday, scientists announced that it is happening faster than predicted, saying the year 2018 was the warmest year on record for the oceans. This ocean-monitoring battalion, called Argo, has provided consistent and widespread data on ocean heat content since the mid-2000s.

The climate models project continuous ocean warming in the 21th century; how much depends on human actions to address climate change. Ocean temperatures around Florence trended 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F) warmer than normal, contributing to about 10% more moisture available in the atmosphere.

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