AMD announces the Radeon VII graphics card: $699, February launch

AMD Radeon VII front

AMD Launches Next Radeon VII GPU, the World's First 7nm GPU

While Monday was the Intel keynote at CES 2019, this morning AMD took the spotlight with Lisa Su's keynote in Las Vegas.

Unparalleled experiences with AMD Radeon software: AMD Radeon Software features Day-0 game driver support and up-to-the minute game optimizations for performance enhancements.

Replacing the Radeon Vega 64 at the very top of AMD's gaming GPU stack, the Radeon VII will offer twice the memory of its predecessor with a whopping 16GB of HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory 2).

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AMD also used the Radeon VII as part of its demo for the third-generation desktop Ryzen parts, showing Forza Horizon 4 running consistently at over 100 FPS, again with max details.

Exceptional capabilities: The Radeon VII graphics card is built upon 7nm process technology, delivering higher gaming performance than the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card. In DirectX titles Battlefield V and Far Cry 5, AMD claims competitive performance against the green team's card, while in the Vulkan-powered Strange Brigade, the Radeon VII decisively pulls ahead. So what's inside the new Radeon VII?

More importantly, AMD says the Radeon VII will be able to deliver up to 25% more performance for the same amount of power - which is good news considering how loud and hot the Vega 64 now runs. And that, along with the boost from the 7nm Vega architecture, could be what brings the Radeon VII up to the performance level of the RTX 2080. The AMD Radeon VII graphics card is expected to be available beginning February 7 for $699 United States dollars. You can see AMD's flashy new trailer for the Radeon VII as shown in the keynote address below. That will certainly help to sweeten the deal for some people out there, as Nvidia's current RTX 2080 deal will only get you free copies of Battlefield V and Bioware's upcoming jetpack RPG, Anthem. There's a chance that across the board of DX11 and the dwindling number of DX12 games that the Radeon VII might start to lag behind a touch.

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This is a bit of surprising move from AMD, given that the company had previously kept a tight lid on the idea that a 7nm Vega refresh would actually ship and compete in the consumer market. With price parity against the RTX 2080, AMD is clearly angling to challenge that chip, but we won't know how effective that challenge will be until we have hardware in-house.

And what of Navi? Well, Dr. Su mentioned the next-gen GPU architecture by name only once, when mentioning the future architectures of AMD. So, still no news as to when that little beauty is going to make an appearance, but we're still betting on Computex, around the same time as the new AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs...

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