Irate passenger arrested at Florida airport for threatening JetBlue crew member

Woman's JetBlue airport meltdown shocks passengers

Woman passenger calls Jet Blue worker a rapist and says she has a gun

'While in Fort Lauderdale airport everyone remained calm apart from this woman who went insane on JetBlue staff called him a rapist & she said she had a gun on me + many insane things in front of kids'.

'While in Fort Lauderdale airport everyone remained calm apart from this woman who went insane on #JetBlue staff called him a rapist & she said she had a gun'. Get me out of this f--d up place, you rapist.

The first video, which has received nearly 8,000 "likes", shows the woman yelling at a JetBlue employee while hoisting herself up on the counter.

"Fun fact: The Florida Man is actually a white woman screaming "I hate white cops" repeatedly while being arrested at the Fort Lauderdale airport", reads Murphy's caption.

"She said she had a gun [and] many insane things in front of kids", the user added.

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'They said we would send another plane from NY but this took many hrs.

The woman later grabs her ticket and walks away, but a second video shows her on her knees, handcuffed by police.

In the video uploaded by Instagram user Drelondon, the unidentified woman be heard shrieking 'God damn it, who does this to a woman like me?'

JetBlue told Yahoo that the woman, who also claimed to be homeless, was scheduled for a flight that did not have any major delays but was denied boarding because she appeared sloshed.

This was one hell of a meltdown...

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A woman was arrested at the Fort Lauderdale airport after screaming and threatening a JetBlue crew member.

It's not clear whether the woman was charged with any crime.

Due to her " irrational statements" and "bizarre behavior", the individual was thought to be a "risk to her safety as well as to others" and Baker Acted, meaning she was held involuntarily for up to 72 hours, the BSO incident report concluded.

On New Year's Day, a father was spotted dragging his daughter through the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

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