HTC Vive Cosmos is a new VR headset with inside-out tracking

HTC reveals Vive Cosmos a new VR headset with inside-out tracking

HTC Announces Vive Cosmos, A VR Headset That Can Seemingly be Powered by Your Phone

Just like the regular Viveport subscription, there's a free trial period and you can cancel at anytime. Aside from the odd VR attraction at movie theater lobbies, VR to me has exclusively been something I've seen and tried out at events I go to as a games/tech journalist.

HTC's best VR headset just got a lot more exciting.

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The Vive Pro Eye wasn't the only new headset HTC showed off. HTC also teased an all-new headset called the Vive Cosmos.

The Vive always seemed to position itself as the VR headset for peak performance, and that's an important category.

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The lack of clarity gave the impression that HTC still doesn't have a high-quality veneer with its launches - that it doesn't have a clear, defined strategy for getting its VR platform in the hands of millions of paying consumers. The Vive Cosmos employs the new Vive tracking system with support for gesture controls and 6 degrees of freedom (6 DoF). Where the Pro Eye focuses on enterprise, the Cosmo has a firm target of the average consumer/enthusiast. This, in turn, removes the need for controllers to be used for navigating the user-interface, it says.

With the Vive Pro, HTC made its play as the technological leader in virtual reality. The Vive Pro was already a technological leap over the original Vive. Announced earlier today (or last night for those of you in the UK), the Vive Cosmos is the latest headset from HTC, and it's been designed with top quality comfort and ease of use in mind. What's the resolution? Why do the handsets that come alongside light up, when you can't see them in the virtual world (although they do look pretty cool, like bracelets you'd wear in the Tron world). The eye-tracking sensors are built in around each lens, helping provide optimal tracking in a viable form factor. HTC adds that users no longer have to point with the controllers, making manoeuvres faster and more intuitive. Maybe a survival horror game could hide a monster just outside of your peripheral vision?

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It will do this by rendering your images to where you're actually looking as opposed to the standard way headsets work. To this end, the HTC Vive Pro Eye will be primarily focused on enterprise customers rather than the general videogame buying public, and will likely have a suitable price tag to match when it arrives in Q2 2019.

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