Bowsette is dead in the water as Nintendo confirms she isn't canon

Nintendo rules out the possibility of an official Bowsette, but she's real all the same

Random: Nintendo Confirms Only Toadette Can Wear The Super Crown, Bowsette Officially Debunked

Revealed in "The Art of Super Mario Odyssey" is an image of Bowser slinging a hat onto Peach, morphing her into a Bowsette that's far less buxom than we're used to. Others added to the Bowsette trend by creating different character crossovers examples using the Super Crown, and the possibilities the item offered made for a fun concept to play with overall. The character was unnamed in the comic, but she quickly gained the name Bowsette and Nintendo fanboys everywhere developed an obsession. U Deluxe which allowed Toadette to transform into Peachette. But even if Bowsette isn't a canonical part of the Super Mario crew, she's become an irrefutable element of Nintendo culture, just like how Sonic the Hedgehog fans will always be creating new, furry friends with every name in the English language. The description inexplicably apologizes to Luigi, which is a whole new layer of trolling Bowsette fans. "(Sorry Luigi-only Toadette can use this item!)".

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The official site for the game has a special section dedicated to this Super Crown, however, confirming everyone's suspicions that only Toadette can wear it. The possibilities really would be endless.

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Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great holiday. That's right, Peachette is the only transformation the Super Crown will be able to achieve.

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What followed was a cavalcade of questionable monster girl-esque drawings, some work-safe and others definitely not safe for work, of Bowsette; one of the most talked-about video game stories of 2018. U Deluxe is scheduled to release on January 11 for Nintendo Switch.

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