Half-Life 2 Episodes writer Erik Wolpaw is back at Valve

Half-Life 2 Writer Erik Wolpaw Returns to Valve

Half-Life 2 and Portal writer Erik Wolpaw has rejoined Valve

It's unclear what convinced Wolpaw to return, although it probably has something to do with Half-Life 3.

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Following their departure and that of Half-Life's Marc Laidlaw and Chet Faliszek, the future of narrative-driven games at Valve looked grim. Since then, Valve has turned things around, with full games in the works once again. The writer who has returned to Valve is Erik Wolpaw after spending the last two years at Double Fine Productions working on Psychonauts 2. Once there, he performed writing duties on Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal, Portal 2, and Left 4 Dead.

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The move to Double Fine wasn't surprising at the time; Wolpaw had previously worked on the original Psychonauts back in 2005, after all. Shack News confirmed the writer's return by checking the credits for Valve card game Artifact, in which Wolpaw is credited.

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This same Redditor also provided a screenshot in which they emailed the president of Valve Corporation, Gabe Newell, to ask if Erik Wolpaw has returned. Wolpaw is a talented writer and one that I'm sure Newell is very happy to have back at his company. Half-Life 3 has become somewhat of a holy grail for gamers.

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