USA seeks Pakistan's help to establish peace in Afghanistan: PM

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Pakistan Urges US to Leave Afghanistan 'As Friend of the Region'

It not only cost us human lives, the devastation of areas bordering Afghanistan, but it also cost us our dignity. "They said that we have time and time again asked the Americans, 'Can you tell us where the sanctuaries are, and we will go after them?' There are no sanctuaries in Pakistan", he said.

Pakistan could play a key role in facilitating talks between the Taliban and government of Afghanistan, he said. Pakistan's earlier claim of "influence over Taliban" literally turned into a baggage.

Bass, US Ambassador in Afghanistan, said the US is not engaged in peace talks with the Taliban and that their only redline is that the group has to talk to the Afghan government and the Afghan people.

They also expect Pakistan to again deliver the Afghan Taliban for direct peace negotiations with Kabul.

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He also denied accusations that his country was harbouring terrorists from the Taliban. This comes soon after the USA asked Pakistan for help facilitating the Afghan peace process. It is in Pakistan's long-term interest to have a government in Afghanistan that is stable that they can do business with.

He brought up Pakistan's relations with China as a positive example as opposed to "one-dimensional" relationship with Washington. It wound down combat operations in 2014 and began training and advising Afghan security forces so they could handle the country's security needs.

Khan, who has spoken about Pakistan taking two steps for peace for every step taken by India, said his government wants to prosecute those involved in the "act of terror" as it is in 'Islamabad's interest to resolve the matter.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation took the lead on worldwide security efforts in Afghanistan in 2003, wound down combat operations in 2014, and is now mainly training and advising Afghan forces so that they can handle the country's security needs. "And yet Pakistan was asked to participate in the United States war", he said.

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"I do believe that any solution in Afghanistan is going to require the assistance of Pakistan". It has to be a regional solution not just a solution centered in Afghanistan. Washington and Afghan officials have long maintained the Taliban leadership is based in Pakistan and is being covertly supported by the country's spy agency.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad on Tuesday met Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Islamabad. It will be hard to reach a settlement without some form of assistance or Pakistan. Is the request for "facilitation" a bait to hit Pakistan back with the same old allegation of double-game? I had gone on television and warned everyone that we will stand by the Supreme Court verdict. "Instead of making Pakistan a scapegoat for their failures, the United States should do a serious assessment of why, despite 140,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops plus 250,000 Afghan troops & reportedly $1 trillion spent on war in Afghanistan, the Taliban today are stronger than before", he had tweeted.

"If we left precipitously right now, I do not believe they (Afghan security forces) would be able to successfully defend their country".

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