SpaceX launches shipment carrying Christmas cheer to ISS

A mysterious blue orb appears on the International Space Station's live feed

WATCH ISS Live Feed Cuts Out Again After Mystery Orb Appears You Tube Screenshot

"Ships en route to rescue Falcon", Musk tweeted along with a GIF of the first stage spinning during its descent.

The mission had been a complete success until the aborted landing. The count will be 33 after this booster is towed back properly, a vice president of SpaceX, Hans Koenigsmann said. He did not know if it could be reused. Expect a landing back at the Cape for the brand new booster. "Public safety was well-protected here", Hans Koenigsmann offered after the launch.

The disappointment was offset by the successful flight of the Dragon capsule and its 5,600 pounds (2,500 kilograms) of cargo. The Dragon spacecraft used by NASA and SpaceX to send the supplies to the station is expected to arrive there Saturday.

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Those who had tickets to Tuesday's launch from LC-39 were in luck because the Kennedy Space Center was going to honor those tickets for the launch Wednesday. After the lift-off, everything went as per the plan including the crucial part where it effectively propelled the cargo-laden Dragon capsule towards the global space station.

Besides all the fixings for Christmas dinner, the delivery includes 40 mice and 36,000 worms for aging and muscle studies. There will be plenty of room on board for all the tiny nematodes long. Besides, a study also shows that the muscles in worms are the same in function and structure to human muscles thus making them the ideal subject to carry out a study, said researcher Timothy Etheridge.

CRS-16 was delayed earlier this week when "mold was found on food bars for a rodent investigation", NASA said in a blog post on Monday. More food was rushed in from California.

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A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft carrying almost 6,000 pound of research equipment, cargo and supplies has successfully launched to the International Space Station (ISS), NASA said on Thursday.

The timing of the holiday doesn't work out well for three of the crew members now aboard the space station.

Watch on NASA TV below, or at NASA's website, or via SpaceX's own webcast. It's the first time that's happened since the groundbreaking launch of the company's Falcon Heavy spacecraft in February.

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