Microsoft Announces Move to Chromium For The Edge Browser

Microsoft Guts Edge, Adds Chromium to Save Failing Browser

Microsoft confirms that Edge will switch to Chromium

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

There's still lots that Microsoft needs to work out with the new version of Edge, and I'm sure we'll be hearing about those plans in the near future. All hail the new Edge based on Google's open-source Chromium code.

Microsoft announced this engineering change December 6. The rendering engine Microsoft has worked for years to ideal is getting the boot, and the company will spend the next year building a new version of Edge (the name stays) that will run on Apple's macOS as well as older versions of Windows.

Microsoft is planning to create a new version of Edge by using Chromium combined with some components now in Edge, all in the name of providing greater browsing compatibility across the web. But there were earlier signs that Microsoft planned to play nice with Google's open source project, including reports that the company was helping to bring Chrome to Windows 10 on Arm devices as a native app instead of an emulated version of one.

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Earlier this week it was rumored that Microsoft might be replacing EdgeHTML with the Chromium rendering engine.

Microsoft Edge will evolve according to Microsoft. In addition to developing for more platforms, they'll apparently be updating the browser more often - "Microsoft Edge will now be delivered and updated for all supported versions of Windows and on a more frequent cadence". Average users will find Edge to be more compatible than ever before. This should help developers who use those platforms test Edge if they need to.

As Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers are now the norm in 2018, it was almost impossible for Microsoft to bring developers to optimize their websites for Edge, especially since iOS and Android versions didn't use its EdgeHTML engine. Edge currently suffers from compatibility issues with some websites, many of which are now optimized to run properly on Chrome. The company revealed plans to use Chromium, the open source project behind Google Chrome, to rebuild its Edge browser on Windows 10.

The change isn't expected to roll out until next year sometime, but it should be good news from Edge.

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Microsoft framed its decision to use Chromium as Edge's rendering engine as the latest example of its commitment to supporting open source projects.

Does Microsoft's new direction with Edge mean Edge finally will be available from the Microsoft Store? It means web pages will render better, Edge will be updated with new features and changes much faster, and Microsoft can bring Edge to the other half of Windows users.

There is still no certainty of choosing the name Windows Lite for the new version of the tech giant Microsoft's Windows as it may be just an internal code from the tech giant Microsoft, but the truth is that the company should adopt a unique designation to differentiate this new version of Windows which is named as Windows Lite. The company's browser has also typically held a battery life advantage over Chrome in my experience, though its not clear if that will be dampened by the switch to Chromium.

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