Girl gets suspended for bullying, father makes her walk to school

School bus Facebook viral video ohio bullying

Dad films daughter walking to school after she was kicked off the bus for bullying

An Ohio father who made his daughter walk five miles (8km) to school as punishment for bullying has provoked a debate on parenting.

Matt Cox, a native of Swanton, Ohio, is dividing opinions across the country after he chose to punish his 10-year-old daughter for bullying by making her walk the 5 miles to school in near-freezing temperatures.

He shared the video on social media, garnering 14 million views and thousands of comments.

Cox went on to explain that, as he sees it, a lot of children believe that certain things, such as a ride to school in the morning from their parents or their bus driver, are "a right" and not a privilege that can be taken away when one disobeys the rules. "Because I'm doing what I feel is right to teach my daughter a lesson and to stop her from bullying".

However, the experience seems to have been successful.

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His 10-year-old daughter Kristen was suspended from using the school bus after she was bullying other students on two occasions.

In the video, you see his daughter walking along the side of the road.

He made her walk to school after she was suspended from riding the bus; she told him that he'd need to drive her for the next few days and he told her guess again.

Matt Cox's daughter was suspended from riding the school bus on November 30, according to Cleveland television station WEWS. "I hope that parents hold their kids accountable".

Numerous 63,000 comments that have since popped up on his video have been positive, with parents of bullies and bullied alike thanking Mr Cox for his parenting. She probably spends at least that much time every day during the winter running around outdoors at recess or after school with her friends.

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"I love how you followed her to make sure she was safe while still teaching a lesson".

They "seem to show a great deal of empathy towards some of the sad stories that I read with them", Mr Cox said.

In an update to the original post, he assures the world that his daughter lost no limb to the cold and that, by the end of the walk, she had calmed down enough to understand where she'd been wrong.

Matt Cox chose to film his daughter walking to school and explain why this is a lesson learned.

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