Everyone is digging Tom Cruise’s PSA about motion smoothing

Actor Tom Cruise left and director Chris McQuarrie

Actor Tom Cruise left and director Chris McQuarrie

Tom Cruise has urged TV owners to check their settings for a feature he says is affecting the experience of watching films at home.

Millions of Britons bought HD-ready televisions over the past decade on the promise of being able to enjoy their favourite programmes in superior picture quality. This is sometimes referred to as the soap opera effect.

CNET's written about the Soap Opera Effect in the past (this is a good article about it), and we agree wholeheartedly regarding turning off motion smoothing while watching films (it has its objective for other content, such as sporting events). "It makes most movies look like they were shot on high-speed video rather than film". It's the feature in your TV that makes things look kind of smooth. In a video with Mission: Impossible - Fallout director Chris McQuarrie, Cruise taught viewers about "video interpolation", which many fans may know as the easier-to-spell term "motion smoothing".

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"If you own a modern high-definition television", he said, "there's a good chance you're not watching movies the way the filmmakers intended, and the ability for you to do so is not simple to access".

Your TV's motion smoothing setting is probably buried somewhere in its video menu.

Something is keeping movie star Tom Cruise up at night: motion smoothing.

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In the meantime, the pair recommends a quick internet search to find step-by-step instructions on how to disable the setting.

Only, this doesn't actually make most movies and TV look better. Some readers complained Cruise wasn't suited to play the part.

Cruise is now filming Top Gun: Maverick, which is expected to be released in 2020.

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In his tweet, Cruise wrote that he was "taking a quick break from filming" - he's now at work on the "Top Gun: Maverick" sequel - to address the subject. In the original film he plays a fighter pilot trying to secure the top pilot spot and win the heart of his flight instructor, Charlotte Blackwood, played by actress Kelly McGillis.

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