Epic Games digital store takes aim at Steam


Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store

Fortnite Creative is launching alongside season 7 tomorrow, but unfortunately, not everyone will get in right away. Set to launch alongside Season 7 tomorrow, Fortnite Creative will enable players to design and build their own games, battle friends in new ways and create nearly anything in a Fortnite sandbox.

"Yes, there will be Fortnite news at The Game Awards", he continues.

The mode provides an extension to the popular Battle Royale Playground option, which allowed players to land on an island with friends and mess about, making their own objectives.

There are a lot of pre-made elements, including full assault courses, but given how building works in Battle Royale mode there's still plenty of scope to personalise your work properly.

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The Season 7 teasers will begin on Monday, with more information being released every day, so keep your eyes peeled for news.

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Here's the official Fortnite Creative announcement video.

Epic Games have been enjoying the meteoric success of Fortnite, but some of the game's contents have been the source of potential legal disputes toward the developer. Can't imagine he'll be invited back to Epic HQ any time soon...

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In Creative, players are each given their own island where everything they make is saved.

Epic has ambitious plans for the service and could eventually take aim at Google Play, which is circumvented with Fortnite's mobile flavor.

Season 7 is going to have an icy theme, with snow already falling on the map. But the company was quick to recognise the value of providing both DRM to other games companies, as well as an online portal through which they could be sold.

It seems very unlikely that Creative will ever make its way to the mobile version of Fortnite due to memory and CPU requirements, but it'll be interesting to see if the Featured custom maps will be playable on non-PC platforms. We also expect to find out more about season seven itself.

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