Friends officially leaving Netflix on January 1


CREDIT Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

Every episode of Friends, all 230 of them, are available to stream on Netflix, and a few of those episodes are always a hot commodity around this time of year with the great Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes that would rival the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

Losing Friends will be a big blow for Netflix as the comedy is the third most popular sitcom in the United States behind The Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The confirmation comes after Friends fans noticed that the show's page on Netflix seemed to suggest it would leave the streaming service on January 1.

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UPDATE 3:45 P.M. ET: Looks like Friends isn't leaving Netflix on January 1 after all.

Protesting to keep Friends on Netflix is futile, because Friends' exit is a cold, hard business decision. And Netflix's chief content officer himself has gone on the record about the matter, with Ted Sarandos telling The Hollywood Reporter that Friends' "departure is a rumor". However representatives for Warner Bros.

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Request for comment from Netflix was not immediately returned. The mega-popular sitcom achieved new life on the streaming service, tapping into old fans' nostalgia and gaining a wave of new, young Gen Z fans who were *gasp* born after it aired.

Netflix first acquired the rights to Friends in 2015, reportedly paying $118 million for the streaming rights to the entire 10-season catalog (that breaks down to about $500,000 per episode), according to It's possible that "glitch" was a premature sign of things to come.

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'Content like Friends is likely to disappear from Netflix in 2019 as WarnerMedia launches its own SVOD service, ' media analyst Rich Greenfield told Deadline in October. They may not be there for you forever.

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