"Captain Marvel" Toys Hint At Jude Law's Character's True Identity

Jude Law Captain Marvel Character Revealed – /Film

Is This Jude Law's 'Captain Marvel' Character?

Today, Funko officially unveiled its frankly ginormous array of tie-in merchandise - across pencil toppers, key rings, cutesy little vinyl toys, and more - for Captain Marvel, set to come out in January of next year.

When Jude Law was first cast in Captain Marvel, fans immediately assumed that the chiseled-jawed actor was playing the heroic Mar-Vell - the first character in the Marvel Comics to hold the title of Captain Marvel. When this was never explicitly confirmed, a question mark has been hanging over Law's character. The conceit was fine in the late 1960s but would feel a little clunky in a 2019 major motion picture. Jude Law could embody Yon-Rogg, an officer Kriyas that in the comics books hates with all her heart that Mar-Vell/Captain Marvel. She had feathered hair too. This could be an original origin story the MCU provides him with.

LEGO Marvel 76127 Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack contains 307 pieces, including minifigures of Captain Marvel herself, younger Nick Fury, Talos and Goose (Carol Danvers' pet cat).

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Captain Marvel will reveal who Law plays on March 8, 2019, or a future trailer may do the same and step out in front of this inadvertent reveal.

Anticipation is building for the release of Marvel's upcoming Captain Marvel. "So he's nearly a devout warrior - unquestioning, conservative, but inspirational".

So doesn't it make sense for Marvel Studios to simply skip the middleman, focus on Carol's role as both an Earthling and a Kree warrior, and slide her seamlessly into the partnership and eventually rivalry with Yon-Rogg? Although Marvel has gone through great lengths to hide the true nature of Law's character, and he himself has hinted at how secretive the project was, a leak has sprung.

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She is Marvel's first solo female hero to anchor her own film and that's as much of a reason the film even exists as any. " We hope that if Captain Marvel is powerful enough to resist the snap of Thanos, it is also to defeat this threat!".

If the reputed toy packaging is accurate, Marvel may have gotten this one right.

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