Apple avoids the threat of iPhone ban in India

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Apple removes over 700 apps from Chinese App Store

Months after arriving at a middle ground, the "do not disturb" app of India's telecom regulator went live on Apple's App Store for its device owners to use the app to flag unwanted calls and messages in the country. But Apple has finally approved to include the app in the App store after the Indian Government threatened to ban iPhone in the country for not having the app onboard.

When you activate the DND app (or any other SMS/ Call Report app for that matter), Apple warns that by "enabling this SMS/ Call reporting allows your device to send to the developer of this app information about your calls and text messages you choose to report". While the second iteration of the app dubbed version 2.0 was already released for the Android platform earlier this year, iOS still lacked an app with similar functionality, until today, that is. While privacy concerns have been raised, the app does promise to offer some resistance to the problem of spam calls and text messages in India.

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Apple removes another 700+ apps from its Chinese App Store

The app contains two parts, first is the registration of the mobile number and second is reporting the spam calls and SMS after the registration. On Android, where the conditions for apps are more lenient, the TRAI-DND app was available through the Google Play Store.

This can be done with spam SMS as well, through a "report message" option just below an SMS from any sender that is not in your contact list.

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With the release of the TRAI DND app on iPhone well before the January deadline, that threat of deactivation seems to have been staved off. It is important to note that to download the application, the iPhone and the iPad users will need to upgrade their device to iOS 12.1 or later software version. Once a user selects an unwanted call/message, DND will auto-generate the report and send them to the relevant carrier.

The iPhone maker swept out the apps because their developers pushed updates without its permission, The Telegraph reported Thursday, citing local reports.

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