AWS announces its first blockchain offering through two new distributed ledger services

Amazon Unveils 'Immutable' Quantum Ledger Database Product

Bitcoin rallies as Amazon embraces blockchain

"When users search for products in Private Marketplace, they can see which products are labelled as "Approved for Procurement" and quickly filter between their company's catalogue and the full catalogue of software products in AWS Marketplace", Ray says.

Jassy didn't actually utter the words "hybrid cloud", but it sure sounds like that's what he's describing.

Developers who use Amazon Sagemaker may want to dip their toes into reinforcement learning, because they'll get to test their theories out on a 1/18th scale fully autonomous racecar.

Among the plethora of announcements made by Amazon Web Services during its annual re:Invent 2018 conference in Las Vegas this week, one of the cuter ones comes in the form of the DeepRacer. Some customers who are virtualised on VMware use on-premises VMware tools to manage their infrastructure on AWS.

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AWS already supported Kafka as a package that AWS customers could run on its public cloud infrastructure hardware, but managed services are intriguing to customers that are just getting up and running on the cloud or considering such a move. It includes a 3D simulation environment powered by AWS RoboMaker, also announced at re:Invent, which makes it easy for developers to develop, test and deploy robotics applications and build intelligent robotics functions using cloud services.

Variant 1: In this the VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts will permit you to continue using the same VMware control plane and APIs for running your infrastructure. Others may have certain workloads that need to be on-premises, especially latency sensitive workloads.

AWS now has some 140 services available to cloud customers.

AWS Outposts are now in private preview.

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The idea with Outposts is that customers can use the same programming interface, same APIs, same console and CLI they use on the AWS cloud for on-premises applications, develop and maintain a single code base and use the same deployment tools in the AWS cloud and on-premises, AWS wrote.

In both cases, AWS will deliver the racks to customers, install them (if customers prefer), and handle all maintenance and replacement of racks.

"Many of our customers want to build applications where multiple parties can execute transactions without a central, trusted authority, and they also need to create a blockchain network". As AWS is famously customer-centric, we'll take him at his word.

VMware earlier this month announced VMware Cloud on AWS, which tied together VMware's enterprise class software-defined data centre to the AWS cloud.

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EA and BioWare have announced that the first closed alpha test for its third-person co-op game Anthem will be held next weekend. While the game is still months away from release, EA is taking $59.99 pre-order for the game across various retail outlets .

"VMware Cloud on AWS broke the barriers between the data center and the cloud by combining the best of the private cloud and public cloud in the AWS cloud", said Pat Gelsinger, chief executive officer, VMware. "AWS Security Hub enhances our existing capabilities to assist customers with their considerations regarding web application security, network vulnerability scanning, log correlation and reporting on AWS".

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