More than Office - Microsoft leaks new, more colourful look for Windows 10

Signature Microsoft Office apps get new-look logos

Microsoft revamps its Office 365 app icons with a simplified look

Why it matters: Microsoft is redesigning its Office iconography as part of a greater push to implement its Fluent Design language and create unique yet instantly recognizable icons across platforms.

The Redmond, Washington-based tech giant announced the sweeping changes to its Office app icons in a on Thursday.

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The Microsoft Office icons are getting a modern makeover.

Microsoft has unveiled brand new icons for all the apps in its productivity suite.

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While Microsoft may not be actively promoting the Windows 10 versions of its Office Mobile anymore, the Office team continues to deliver subtle features to user who previously bought into the company's old vision.

"We've infused our tools with powerful artificial intelligence: you can get insights from data with less effort, write a paper using your voice or make your resume using LinkedIn insights". Simplicity and harmony are key visual elements that reflect the seamless connectivity and intuitiveness of Office apps. The letter representing each Office program has also been downsized. The icons have also switched up the letter-to-symbol ration, giving two-thirds of the space to the symbol and one-third to the letter.

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How the icon for Microsoft Word has changed over time since 2003. As you can see from the press materials, the new icons no longer put all the focus on the letter for each Office app. Microsoft also ditched the document outlines in the lines of text for Word and cells for Excel. Traditionally, the letter occupied two-thirds of the icon, and the symbol took up one-third. Microsoft will be updating and modernizing the look and feel on each of the platforms Office resides on.

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