Amazon reveals its own blockchain platform

AWS goes deep and wide with machine learning services and capabilities

Amazon brings AWS hardware and services direct to the data centre

But with the AWS Ground Station, the cost of data retrieval and processing will be greatly reduced since the company will handle everything.

This functionality could be of particular interest to the financial services industry, as head of financial services at AWS Scott Mulins told Computerworld UK, particularly as a means of overcoming some of their data residency issues.

AWS also showcased the increasingly influential role of AI in traditional vehicle races during the conference.

The FTC Is Investigating Loot Boxes, and the ESA Has Responded
Referencing a Juniper Research report from earlier this year, Hassan says loot boxes will be a $50 billion industry by 2022. This is particularly concerning-especially from a regulatory standpoint-when loot boxes make their way into kid's games.

AWS said it has already launched more than 200 machine learning capabilities in the past 12 months.

There is undoubtedly a gap in the market for those wanting AWS services snugly integrated with on-prem infrastructure, and with Outposts Amazon will hope they have filled it. The fastest times advanced to the final where Rick Fish, co-founder of Jigsaw XYZ, from London, England, emerged victorious, taking the DRL Cup with a winning lap time of 51:50.

The new SageMaker updates include SageMaker RL, which was created to make it easier for developers to build, train and deploy machine learning tools, including low cost, automatic data labeling and reinforcement learning (RL).

Jeep Gladiator: Wrangler-based double-cab bakkie revealed!
Two-piece body-colour fender flares with a black lower insert are standard on Overland and available on Rubicon models. The long-awaited return of an all-new Jeep pickup truck more than 10 years in the making is finally here.

Amazon has taken the opportunity of re:Invent 2018 to present AWS Outposts to the business community- a method by which AWS cloud platform can be taken- literally- to the enterprise's own data center. With reinforcement learning's steep learning curve and blockers for adoption, AWS's introduction of the AWS DeepRacer and the DeepRacer League is one more step in AWS's mission of putting machine learning and reinforcement learning into the hands of everyday developers. AWS DeepRacer is available for pre-order today. "It's a field with an incredibly hard barrier of entry, and it poses a mental blocker, but AWS DeepRacer and DRL really opens it up for people", said the victor of the first DRL Cup, Rick Fish, co-founder of Jigsaw XYZ. "There is a lot of excitement among Zocdoc engineers around how easy it is to quickly build and deploy a model using Amazon SageMaker", Zocdoc said in a statement. Each use case, from videos, music, products, news articles, has its own specificities, which require a unique mix of data, algorithms, and optimisations. Just like the other AWS services, customers will be able to pay based on how much they merely use. Ethereum is a popular platform that facilitated the majority of Initial Coin Offering in the crypto market. For enhanced security, NAB deployed Amazon GuardDuty, a fully managed intelligent threat detection service that continuously monitors account activity for malicious or unauthorized behavior, to help protect all of its AWS workloads and safeguard customers' data in the cloud. They can also process their data using AWS services, like for analytics, storage, processing, and streaming.

"AWS teams have been using Amazon QLDB for years to maintain a complete, immutable, and append-only journal of data changes".

VMware said that hybrid cloud service lets customers migrate VMware-based workloads to the cloud. The AWS offering will include a new integrated offering from VMware called VMware Cloud Foundation for EC2, which includes VMware technologies like NSX for network virtualization and AppDefense that can work across VMware and Amazon EC2 environments, according to officials.

Major League Baseball trade rumors: Mets close to getting Cano, Diaz
Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports that there has been "significant momentum" toward a Cano trade with the Mets and Mariners. The Mariners are seeking to get rid of as much of the five years and $120 million remaining on Cano's contract as possible.

Outposts should be of particular interest to customers that are looking to move to the cloud but who have certain applications that will need to remain on premise for the time being, such as low-latency applications on a factory floor, or those with data residency concerns.

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