Fortnite GeForce GTX Bundle With Fortnite Counterattack Set Announced

Fortnite Ge Force GTX Bundle With Fortnite Counterattack Set Announced

Fortnite GeForce Bundle Gets You A Skin, V-Bucks When Buying A Graphics Card

Fortnite and Nvidia have teamed up for a Fortnite GeForce GTX bundle that comes with 2,000 V-Bucks and what's being branded as the Fortnite Counterattack Set.

The bad news for a lot of Fortnite players, though, is that it doesn't seem like this bundle is available in the US yet-the "participating partners" listed on NVIDIA's website includes the United Kingdom, South Africa, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Hungary, and Malta.

To get your hands on this latest bundle, you will need to purchase a GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, GeForce GTX 1070, GeForce GTX 1060, or a desktop or laptop that uses one of those cards. So these Fortnite items might only be obtained by players who desperately need a new graphics card. Upgrading from a GeForce GTX 960 to a GeForce GTX 1060 will result in up to a 74 percent improvement in Fortnite performance.

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In addition to the Fortnite goodies, Nvidia is extending its Monster Hunter: World offer until January 7, 2019, or while supplies last.

All of these cosmetics are included in the Fortnite GeForce bundle as is 2,000 V-Bucks.

Follow this link to scan a list of participating retailers.

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Fortnite isn't just the biggest battle royale game in the world; it's one the biggest games in the world, period.

The Fortnite GeForce bundle brings with it a brand new skin - the rare reflex outfit.

Epic Games have been known to offer exclusive bundles for various partnerships, including the popular Twitch Prime ones, throughout 2018, and it has now been confirmed that an NVIDIA GeForce one is next in line. Between the two bundles, there's $90 worth of free stuff here.

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