‘HUGE gamble’ Tory Michael Fallon challenges May in Commons over Brexit deal

Treasury won't tell us costs of Theresa May's Brexit

‘HUGE gamble’ Tory Michael Fallon challenges May in Commons over Brexit deal

The British leader crowned almost two years of painful talks with Brussels that threatened to fall apart many times by sealing Brexit arrangements on Sunday with the 27 European Union heads of state. "It's the best deal possible and the European Union will not change its fundamental position when it comes to these issues", he said.

Theresa May will stage the make-or-break vote on her final Brexit deal on Tuesday 11 December after a marathon Commons debate in which the prime minister hopes to turn around the 89 Tory MPs who say they can not support it.

The Political Declaration on the outline of the Future Relationship with the EU, signed by May and the other EU 27 leaders, allows for a range of future trading option, from an almost conventional Free Trade Agreement close to Canada's with the EU to something that is nearly but not quite as ambitious as Chequers.

And Mrs May told ministers that her message to the G20 group of major economies at this weekend's summit in Argentina will be that the United Kingdom will remain "an active and open global trading partner" as it leaves the EU.

Twenty-seven European Union leaders have endorsed a deal that sets out the terms of Britain's departure on March 29 and sets a framework for future ties.

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Conservative MP Mark Francois told May her deal was "as dead as a Dodo".

The deal still needs to be approved by the UK Parliament, which is expected to vote on the deal on December 12.

The Labour leader said "ploughing on" with a deal opposed by the public and MPs was an "act of national self-harm".

The Prime Minister can't count on the 10 DUP MPs with whom she has a confidence and supply deal.

The two-hour meeting also heard an update from Mr Barclay on preparations for a possible no-deal Brexit, which are continuing despite the deal being agreed in Brussels.

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The study commissioned by the People's Vote, which wants a second referendum, said GDP would shrink by 3.9% annually.

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker led the warnings on Sunday that there could be no return to the negotiating table if the deal is rejected.

"No one knows what would happen if this deal didn't pass", May told the House of Commons. "It would open the door to more division and more uncertainty, with all the risks that will entail".

Prime Minister Theresa May made a blunt appeal to sceptical lawmakers on Monday (local time) to back her divorce deal with the European Union: It isn't ideal, but it's all there is, and the alternative is a leap into the unknown.

"The EU have maintained throughout this process that they wanted to link overall access to markets to access to fisheries".

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"To do that we need to get on with Brexit now by getting behind this deal", she said. If they fail to do so that could mean the imposition of the backstop to ensure no disruption to the Irish border.

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