Study Confirms: U.S. Military Superiority 'Has Eroded to a Dangerous Degree'

US could lose a war with China or Russia as global dominance wanes: report

China or Russia Could Defeat “Eroded” U.S. Military, Congress Warns in Alarming Bipartisan Report

"America's military superiority - the hard-power backbone of its global influence and national security - has eroded to a unsafe degree", the commission said.

A bipartisan panel at Congress came to the conclusion after looking at President Donald Trump's sweeping National Defense Strategy.

The Trump administration's new National Defense Strategy is insufficiently resourced and the United States runs the risk of a military defeat by China or Russian Federation, according to a report by a congressionally mandated panel of bipartisan experts that was released Wednesday. It's no migrant caravan, but the general degradation of American military might.

The commission, which is comprised of former Democratic and Republican officials handpicked by Congress, cited a lack of resources, innovation and prioritization for its leaders among a list of 32 recommendations for why the USA military is losing its edge, according to the Post.

In their report, the panel found America's focus on counter-insurgency operations this century resulted in it slipping in other warfighting areas such as missile defence, cyber and space operations, and anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare.

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While Russia has been a traditional military might which has often been compared to the US, China has emerged as a major military power with the country spending extensively on both imports as well as on in-house defence equipment.

Edelman said people had lost sight of how complicated the global security environment had become for the United States, and argued that for a lot of reasons the American public and Congress haven't been as attentive to the urgency of the situation as they should be.

The commission also said that across Asia and Europe, American influence is being steadily eroded and military balances have shifted in "decidedly adverse" ways that have raised the risk of conflict.

It assailed the strategy for relying at times on "questionable assumptions and weak analysis" and leaving "unanswered critical questions".

"The prolonged, deliberate buildup of overwhelming force in theater that has traditionally been the hallmark of American expeditionary warfare would be vastly more hard and costly, if it were possible at all", the authors add. "Put bluntly, the US military could lose the next state-versus-state war it fights".

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Meanwhile, National Security Advisor John Bolton has said the budget will remain stagnant over the next few years, and the administration has advocated for cutting costs, according to the Post, which would adversely impact the likelihood of fulfilling the goals of the national defense strategy, the commission found.

The U.S. military budget jumped to $716 billion this year, more than four times China's military budget and more than 10 times Russia's, the Post notes.

Although the commission endorses the aim of Trump's strategy, it cautioned that the U.S is not moving fast enough or investing enough money to put the president's vision into practice.

The commission also makes as many as 32 recommendations in a bid to ensure United States is able to defeat its enemies in case a war breaks out.

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