BUS-ted: Protesting Pedestrians In Russian Low-Speed Chase

People Disguised as Bus Try to Cross Vehicles-Only Bridge on Foot

Busted! Russians Caught Trying to Cross Car-Only Bridge in Cardboard Bus (VIDEO)

Their design skills left them looking like a big yellow box with feet.

In a weird (but absolutely hilarious) incident, four men dressed up as a bus in order to cross a vehicle-only bridge in Russian Federation.

A video shared widely on Russian social media on November 13, 2018, showed four people dressed as a bus walking on the Golden Bridge in Vladivostok, Russia.

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The bridge is closed for pedestrians since 2015.

The "human bus" was stopped by a security guard who ordered them to turn around.

The comical video of their misadventure, however, has gone massively viral on social media - it has been re-shared hundreds of times, collected millions of views and reactions to it have even been curated into their own Twitter Moment.

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Give them an "A" for audacity but their caper flunked. Built in preparation for the 2012 APEC summit held on the nearby Russky Island, the bridge spans the entire Zolotoy Rog Bay and has a length of about 1.3 kilometres.

Now, a group has come up with what is likely the most creative answer to the ban yet.

The woman who shot the video of the violators didn't understand the fuss and called the bus disguise "beautiful" and "artistic". This is attractive, it's art.

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