Facebook Messenger is finally going to introduce a lifesaving 'unsend' feature

Messenger users will soon be able to delete their sent messages. Source GettyMore

Messenger users will soon be able to delete their sent messages. Source GettyMore

Facebook Messenger will soon introduce a feature that lets you delete a message up to 10 minutes after it's already been sent.

Facebook announced the upcoming feature in the "coming soon" section of its latest rundown detailing what's new in the version of Facebook Messenger on the App Store. In my experience, you know pretty quickly whether you've sent a message to the wrong person (or the wrong message to the right person) most of the time. The users who had their mailboxes scrubbed of Zuckerberg's texts weren't even informed of the removal.

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In addition to saying it would no longer be deleting execs' messages, Facebook said the unsend feature would be rolling out to all users at a later date. The Messenger version only allows you ten minutes, which isn't much time to question whether contacting your ex was such a good idea.

"Remove a message from a chat thread after it's been sent". Maybe you sent a picture to someone you didn't want to.

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Facebook will soon roll out a feature on its Messenger service users have always been calling for. Both apps are owned by Facebook. We reported back in October about the functionality, pointing out the benefits and disadvantages of the Unsend messages option.

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