U.S. Supreme Court Declines To Hear Net Neutrality Challenge

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected AT&T's appeal to overturn the 2015 net neutrality rules.                  CNET  Marguerite Reardon

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected AT&T's appeal to overturn the 2015 net neutrality rules. CNET Marguerite Reardon

The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to make a ruling about DACA as officials seek to begin phasing out the program.

The administration is contesting three different district court rulings from judges in California, New York and the District of Columbia that told the administration to continue processing renewals of existing DACA applications while litigation over the legality of Trump's action is resolved. But there were not enough justices for a majority, after Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh recused themselves. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in one of the cases in May but hasn't yet ruled. They have not been in effect since June. The administration told the appeals court last month that if it didn't rule by October 31, the government would go directly to the Supreme Court to seek resolution during the current nine-month term.

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Under the Supreme Court's normal schedule, the justices will say in January whether they will take up the appeals.

The Federal Communications Commission voted previous year to revoke those rules.

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FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat who backed the net neutrality order in 2015, said on Twitter that the commission had "actually petitioned the Supreme Court to erase history and wipe out an earlier court decision upholding open internet policies". The state agreed in October to delay enforcement of the law pending appeals of the net neutrality reversal. In his ruling on U.S. Telecom Association, Kavanaugh called net neutrality "unlawful" as the 1934 Communications Act "does not supply clear congressional authorization for the FCC to impose common carrier regulation" on internet service providers (ISPs). The D.C. Circuit upheld the regulations, prompting industry groups to escalate the case to the Supreme Court.

The new rules, which gave internet service providers greater power to regulate the content that customers access, are now the subject of a separate legal fight after being challenged by numerous groups that backed net neutrality.

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The GOP-led effort to repeal the FCC's net neutrality rules set off a separate round of litigation, as tech companies and consumer groups sued to block the deregulation.

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