US midterms: Final polls show Republicans losing support

Control of the US Congress is at stake when Americans go to the polls for midterm elections

Pres. Trump: Republican Party Will Do Well In Upcoming Elections

The U.S. midterm elections are just a couple weeks away and concerns remain around the potential impact of the outcome, particularly as it relates to the USMCA. "Don't let them run the okey-doke on you", Obama said Sunday during a campaign stop in Gary, Ind., for Democratic incumbent Sen.

Midterms may be more predictable than most things in politics.

What it would mean: Imagine a scenario in which Democrats lead 50-49 on Election Day in the Senate, and the eyes of the country - and the deep pockets of out-of-state money - descend on Mississippi. That's unlikely, by all accounts, because the map is so friendly for the GOP. A Republican sweep of both the House and Senate would be viewed as a positive outcome for the stock market, while a Democratic sweep would be "a short-term negative", especially for health care stocks.

Cantor warns that if Democrats win, they'll have to deal with that same danger of high expectations from their left-wing base.

Even with his daily airing of grievances on Twitter and an approval rate below the average for his recent predecessors at this point, he has nearly single-handedly put Republicans in a stronger position.

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For Democrats, the midterm elections have been a beacon in the dark, a chance to re-emerge from the political wilderness and repudiate a President they view as a unsafe force. "They're even taking our fearless troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border". The fact that they are likely to win back a chamber that seemed so out of reach for the entire decade is big, in and of itself.

Pedro Panelo, the 21-year-old president of the College Republicans at Wheaton College in IL, is frustrated immigration became a last-minute political football, because the issue is more complex than what either Democrats or Republicans make it out to be. The polarisation of the USA will continue unabated and Mr Trump will launch even more wrecking balls against the post-war worldwide order.

In 2008, we witnessed a rare second consecutive wave election.

"Arizona is seeing a historic midterm election turnout and Democratic voters are defying past historic early voting trends", Mike Noble, managing partner of OH Predictive Insights, said in a news release.

That environment still might not be good enough to deliver the Senate, though. In Florida and Georgia, where Democrats hope to elect African-American governors, they've accused Republicans of racism and voter suppression. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat, in North Dakota.

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Frequent Republican candidate Marty McClendon is competing for the seat. Bloomberg photo by Aaron P. Bernstein.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has outlined a legislative agenda that includes Democratic priorities like lowering prescription drug prices and reforming campaign finance laws. And Trump could set his sights on ousting Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other key figures at the Justice Department, possibly ending the department's investigation of Russia's attack on the 2016 election.

In the US House, now held by Republicans, Democrats need to flip 23 Republican-held seats to take control. Immediately, talk would turn to how the 2016 election was perhaps a fluke and to how Trump's divisiveness had backfired. FiveThirtyEight has them at a 1-in-8 shot.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll suggested that while Democrats retain an edge in their battle for the House, Republicans could take advantage of increasingly positive assessments of the economy and by Trump's harsh focus on border security.

The tight gubernatorial race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp could go to a December runoff. Even if Republicans can just win red states, that could be a four- or five-seat gain. Repeatedly and with no evidence, Trump has claimed that Democrats want to open the borders to violent criminals and destroy the country, while invoking the rag-tag migrant caravan still hundreds of miles miles and days away from the USA border as an invading force. If Rohrabacher, a Trump ally, loses his seat it could signal Trump's drag on the GOP even when he's not on the ballot. Maybe the GOP narrowly holds the House, but Democrats keep the Senate close. So Democrats need to hold all 23 of those and pick up two of the Republican seats to win control of the Senate.

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Democrats would be left with hard questions about a path forward. The safest bet is not to assume everything happens as neatly as you expect they will. On the morning of Election Day 2016, FiveThirtyEight said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a 71 percent chance of winning, according to The Hill.

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